This is a disease which negatively affects nerves found in the brain cells which make available for the human body dopamine. Symptoms could vary but majorly; tremors, the rigidity of the body muscles, gait and alterations in speech. It is also important to know that this disease has no cure of any sort, but rather treatments only get to reduce symptoms.


The symptom of Parkinson disease varies amongst individuals and gets to evolve as the disease spreads. Usually, there happen to be cases whereby an individual gets certain symptoms at the beginning stage while another individual does not or maybe gets it in the later development of the disease or never. Parkinson disease symptoms get to show up when the individual get between fifty and sixty years of age and gets to grow slowly without getting noticed by family members and friends. In some cases, it is not discovered until it is too late or death has occurred.

The disease may lead to motor and non-motor indications. Motor signs are those that pertain to the movement of the individual, and one of the major signs is called tremor.

Tremor: Tremor is the shaking of parts of the body such as the hands, legs or arm. This usually arises when you are in a static position such as sitting, standing or lying down but awake. It only gets better when the individual gets to walk around as a form of exercise and starts off again when static. This happens to be the first signs that show off in a person diagnosed with the Parkinson disease sometimes starting off with an arm or leg and later spreading to the other.

Do not be mistaken, not every individual having tremor is having the Parkinson disease. It is important to know the difference with someone with tremor gotten from having the Parkinson disease and someone who gets tremor from other diagnoses. Tremor in Parkinson occurs when the individual stays still while in the latter case, tremor happens when the person tries to move, and such can be treated as it may just be cold or aches.

Rigid Muscles: this is one of the symptoms that occur in the early stage of having the Parkinson disease. Stiffness gets to occur at different areas of the body such as the legs, arms, hands, neck and even the face. The body muscles of one with the Parkinson disease gets quite achy and weak.

This usually makes it painful to move as you feel like your joints need oiling of some sort. Sometimes, it is quite hard to get up from a chair or the bed in the morning as all of your muscles have decided to shut down.

Talking and swallowing could be much of a difficulty in this condition as you may end up choking, coughing or drooling when you get to try. Stiffness to the face due to the rigidity of the facial muscles could lead to a permanent kind of facial expression of the individual.

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