Four Tips on Better Bladder Control

Bladder control may sound like a funny medical concern. But for people who actually have it, it’s remotely anything worth making fun of. It’s far from substantial and sensitive comedy material similar to how insensitive it would be to make fun of someone who has a malignant tumor. Medical issues require serious attention. And bladder control, though not considered by many as an actual medical problem, needs just as much addressing as other problems.

There are several ways to minimize the frequency of bathroom visits. Of course, they have to be observed and done on a regular basis in order to see tangible results. Here are some of the most helpful tips for gaining better bladder control.

  1. Do away with coffee, tea, and alcohol.

It’s no secret that these three have irrefutable notoriety in making a person take a leak more than the usual. These drinks are diuretics, which is a word that really sums up the effect of making a person pee frequently. As mentioned earlier, lack of bladder control is a legitimate issue. For those who have it, and are serious in wanting to improve their condition, avoiding coffee, tea and alcohol is a must. Sure, some advice would tread the safe line and push for a less drastic measure such as minimizing intake. But the harsh truth is that best results are achieved if they’re not drank at all.

  1. Minimize bladder-irritant food.

Unlike the previous entry where the mentioned drinks can be totally be absent from a person’s diet, some food that are known to irritate the bladder can’t really be avoided entirely. Tomatoes, citrus fruits and apples to name a few, have shown to increase the frequency of urination slightly. Try not to go overboard when eating them and always keep in mind that doing so might compel a person to find a bathroom in a panic. The key is moderation.

  1. Use supplements.

There are supplements in the market today that can help a person with bladder control issues. The good news is that some of the best bladder control supplement brands can be bought over the Internet. No need to find a specialty natural treatment store to get one bottle. Another benefit of buying them from the web is that the volume of order is manageable and highly advantageous for testing in small amounts. Check with reviews to know which brand offers the right potency, or if it is an effective brand to begin with. Always keep in mind that there are products out there that are merely taking advantage of the hype and are pushing out placebo pills.

  1. Exercise the pelvic muscles.

There are some people in the medical community who are adamant at notion that bladder control is entirely dependent on a person’s capacity to keep it in and ignore the slightest stimuli. Those who supposedly entertain all stimuli are the ones who can’t control their bladder. This is true to some degree, but mostly because of the lack of contracting capacity from the pelvic muscles that holds urine in. There are plenty of exercises on the web that can help in this regard.

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