Medical Information: Why Pregnenolone Is Recommended?

If you want to stay fit physically and mentally then you should start taking a pregnenolone supplement now. What is Pregnenolone? Normally, Pregnenolone is a natural hormone produced by the body, synthesized from cholesterol. However, it can also be made and produced in laboratories. Since the human body cannot produce enough Pregnenolone during stress, aging, depression, toxicity exposure, and hypothyroidism, taking the supplement religiously will keep the body at an optimal level. What does Pregnenolone supplement do? Several years ago, numbers of scientists and the medical community had been tinkering with the production of Pregnenolone supplementation and had discovered several positive health effects. So, to understand more about pregnenolone supplementation, below are the top things that the supplement does:

  1. Serves as a Nootropic and boosts cognitive functions

Nootropic drugs are also known as smart drugs; thus, Pregnenolone as a nootropic helps boost cognitive functions by activating and deactivating the NMDA, GABA, sigma-1, dopamine receptors, and the cholinergic mechanism. One of the reasons why several people have been using the pregnenolone supplementation is due to its powerful effect as a memory booster. Additionally, Pregnenolone is believed to increase the levels of acetylcholine, which is medically found as an essential chemical that helps people who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Helps improve the memory and learning ability

According to numerous researches, the pregnenolone sulfate had positive effects on lab rats and mice, by which they were capable of remembering each maze that they were in. In other words, enough pregnenolone within the body helps prevent learning problems and memory deficits.

  1. Helps fight against depression and boosts mood

According to medical studies, decreased in allopregnanolone and pregnenolone levels can cause depression. In normal physiology, pregnenolone has the ability to activate neurocircuits which is responsible for controlling the emotions. Thus, a decrease in pregnenolone and allopregnanolone production can impair emotional and social functioning, which is one of the reasons why bipolar patients, people who are suffering from recurring depressive disorders, and who are drug dependent are able to recover due to pregnenolone supplementation.

  1. Helps restore immune system

According to medical researches, pregnenolone has the ability to restore the immune system and homeostasis of the body like stabilizing the production level of cholesterol. Additionally, another study has shown that the derivatives of synthetic pregnenolone can act as an antiviral agent against some viruses, such as Herpes Simplex.

  1. Can cure arthritis, spinal cord injury, and even multiple sclerosis

According to the history, pregnenolone had been widely used to treat arthritis, which was also indicated in some studies. Additionally, it has been found out that the use of pregnenolone can aid in repair for myelin sheath degeneration. More than that, it can also improve the healing process of spinal cord injuries. Pregnenolone supplementation can improve physical and mental health; however, it should be taken into consideration and according to the doctor’s or medical professional’s recommendations. Although there are no known side-effects, it is wise to take them according to the physician’s recommended dosages for positive results.

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