Constipation: Its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Nothing feels better than moving out your bowels completely. But this can’t be possible if you are feeling constipated. This is a condition where you find it hard to empty your bowel due to hard feces. If you have fewer than 3 bowel movements each week then you are confirmed to be constipated. Such condition affects around 42 million people in the U.S. The vulnerability to such GIT disorder increases with age as well. If you are 65 years old and above then you prone to experience frequent constipation. Women are more likely to constipate then men too.

What causes constipation then? This is an effect of unbalanced GUT bacteria. When bad bacteria exceed good bacteria, constipation sets in. This is also the reason why taking probiotics for constipation will help. Probiotics are good bacteria that help eradicate bad bacteria. Once balance is restored, constipation issues will be solved.

Certain medications will also cause constipation. Antibiotics are among them. Some bad bacteria become resistant to antibiotics over time, hence the need to stop taking these meds and allow our system to ward off these pathogens. And taking probiotics help arm your system against bad bacteria.

Sometimes, the food that we take hardens our stools and cause constipation. Examples are too much intake of supplemental calcium, supplemental iron, sugar and unhealthy fats. Not enough exercise, magnesium, fiber, and water can also lead to constipation. So, if you are experiencing constipation now, try to analyze which among the mentioned factors could have causes such symptom.

Laxatives are not the ideal treatment for constipation. The best way is to get to the root cause of the condition and correct it. If it helps to take magnesium, flaxseed, and probiotics then may as well do so. Better eat foods high in fiber, veggies, nuts, beans, fruits, and seeds. Taking water to soften your stool may also help. Warm liquids like lemon tea or broth may also manage such symptom.

If you are feeling constipated, there are things you need to avoid to prevent worsening your condition. Avoid taking processed foods, deep fried foods and alcohol since it will only exacerbate the symptoms. Also, doing regular exercise and stress-relieving activities may also correct your constipation.

To sum it all, constipation can be caused by things you lack doing and excessive substances that you take in. It can also be caused by your way of lifestyle too that causes disruption in your system. There are many ways to correct this and normal remedies will help. One is by taking probiotics.


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