Our nervous system is responsible for receiving and transmitting signals, then recognizing and identifying their specific nature. In simpler terms, it is composed of organs that help us recognize what we are feeling, seeing, touching, smelling, and everything else. With that in regard, when there are problems with the system, you might not feel or move anything at all. Similarly, you might experience severe pain, especially of the nerves, are affected.

Most of the time, if there are problems with the nervous system, the mental health of the individual is also affected. That is the reason why there are cases of anxiety and seizure. Thus, it is important to keep it healthy and ensure that the nerves will not experience any damages. Fortunately, nowadays, people can find natural solutions to promote better nervous system health and nerve repair. These nerve pain supplements usually contain plant-based ingredients and the most commonly used is the Chinese Skullcap.

An Overview of the Chinese Skullcap

When we talk about the Skullcap plant in general, it is divided into two species namely the American type or Scutellaria lateriflora and the Chinese variety or Scutellaria baicalensis. Although they belong to the same family and have been used for many years for similar conditions, the Chinese skullcap is the one wherein a lot of research and studies have been conducted. That is the main reason why it is more preferred by most nerve supplement manufacturers than the American variety.

Appearance-wise, they both have plenty of branches that are slender and grow from two to four feet. However, the Chinese type has blue or purple flower profusions while the American variety has cap-like flowers of the same color. For medicinal purposes, the root of the Chinese skullcap is used while the leaves of the American plant are used.

Claimed Effects and Benefits

According to some studies, the Chinese skullcap contains sedative compounds. One of which is nervine, which is responsible for normalizing nervous system functions as well as relieving and soothing any types of tension. Second are the neuro-trophorestorative substances which are helpful in restoring the optimal function and structure of neurons. The other components include anxiolytic and spasmolytic agents, which, as their names imply, help relieve anxiety and relieve or decrease smooth and skeletal muscle spasms, respectively.

Looking into the recognized physiologic effects, many experts claim that the plant can help with problems related to anxiety and nerve-related pain. Some even recommend that it can help improve the certain conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and Parkinson’s disease. Likewise, the plant is also believed to promote the reduction of nerve irritability that is manifested by tremors, restlessness, neck and back tension, teeth-grinding, headaches, and agitations.

Final Thoughts

Herbal or alternative treatment methods have been around for decades which can be traced back from the time wherein people are still hunters of the forest. The roots of the Chinese skullcap are one of those. It has been used for multiple conditions and is now more popular for nervous-related problems. Nonetheless, this is not a complete alternative to any forms of medications that have been suggested by physicians.


Are you suffering from arthritis? Do you feel like there’s no solution in stopping the pain you experience daily? Arthritis is a common disorder among adults especially to elders aging 60 and above. However, some individuals may experience an early onset of arthritis due to their unhealthy lifestyle. This medical condition is associated with joint inflammation. People with arthritis feel prickling pain usually on their knees, knuckles and jointed body parts. These specific parts turn reddish, tender to the touch and warm. The pain is severe especially in the morning when the temperature is low. Living with arthritis is difficult. You can’t move your body the way you want it, even simple chores and physical activities like walking becomes a tough and painful task. Hence, arthritis limits the physical functions of a person.

Now, here is good news for you! There is still a way for you to stop arthritis and joint inflammation from ruining your quality of life. You can live like anyone else without this condition. All you need is a medication that supports relieving joint inflammation. Honestly, there are countless of pain relief supplements on the market that promises to treat the pain you feel in a matter of seconds. However, not all of them are guaranteed safe, effective and reliable. But there is one brand that you can trust to have high-quality and efficacy; that is Natrigon by Biovy. Biovy’s Natrigon is one of best natural pain relief supplements for sale in the pharmaceutical industry that is guaranteed effective and safe. This medication is formulated by licensed doctors as well as, the production of this pain relief solution follows the standardization of FDA and GMP. Most important,

Natrigon is composed of natural ingredients that have amazing medicinal properties that are known to stop joint inflammation. This pain relief supplement of Biovy contains Curcumin, Cissus Quadrangularis, Boswellia Serrata, Willow Bark, Harpagohytum Procumbens and Hops. These components of Natrigon are clinically proven safe and effective in treating joint inflammation. As a matter of fact, there have been researches providing support on these traditional joint inflammation medications are the best kind in treating disorders like arthritis, lower back pain, neck pain, and muscle pains. These herbs have been present for a long time.

Also, it has been used for centuries by various folks in healing joint pains and inflammation. Indeed, Natrigon can help you to go back from your old lifestyle. If you love doing physical activities like exercising, you can do so with the help of this medication. Natirgon is available at online stores like Amazon. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the price of this product since you can avail Natrigon at an affordable price.

Moreover, Biovy offers discounts if you purchase three or six of this item. You can save 15 percent more if you buy Biovy supplements from Vitamonk via Amazon. Just use the promo code provided by Amazon for this product and you can get your Natrigon at a much lower price. Stop arthritis now! Get your own Natrigon supply to live actively and healthy.

Having a high uric acid in your body would cause different kinds of diseases, including kidney problems and gout. High uric acid or hyperuricemia can be caused by obesity, taking certain drugs, drinking too much alcohol and more. It could even be genetically passed on. Once you have suffered from inflammation on your joints, especially your big toe, or if you have some kind of kidney stone, you might want to see a doctor immediately. Your doctor could give you some medication to help ease the pain. But, most importantly, your doctor would probably give you a list of foods that you can and cannot eat. Here are some of the top foods that you could eat to lower your uric acid and keep it at a normal level.

  1. Cherries

Based on some studies done on the effects of cherries to high uric acid in the blood, researchers have found out that cherries are probably one of the best fruits that can help lower uric acid levels. These sweet fruits are high in fiber which helps in reducing the uric acid level in the blood. Berries such as raspberry and blueberry also have the same effect and have anti-inflammatory properties that could be very helpful when you are already suffering from gout due to high levels of uric acid.

  1. Some vegetables

Not all vegetables are very helpful when it comes to controlling the levels of uric acid. You should avoid eating peas, spinach, cauliflower, and asparagus as they could increase uric acid level even more. Instead, opt for vegetables that have low-calorie content, are rich in fiber and have numerous nutrients. Add some tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, and celery to your daily diet.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar contains malic acid. This type of acid helps in the breakdown and removal of excess uric acid in the body. Apple cider vinegar is also rich in antioxidants that control production of enzymes in the body. Some enzymes are responsible for increasing uric acid in the blood. This healthy vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

  1. Water and some juices

Water is still the purest and most natural cleaning agent that you can take. Drinking ten glasses of water every day would help flush out unwanted materials like toxins. Also, try to have some fruit juices that are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is studied to have great effects in lowering the uric acid level fast. Green tea also contains antioxidants such as catechin that would help in getting rid of uric acid as it slows down production of certain enzymes in the body.

  1. Supplements

There are certain supplements that could help in reducing levels of uric acid and maintain a normal amount in the body. Uric acid supplements contain extracts of plants that are beneficial when it comes to controlling uric acid levels. Taking a natural uric acid support supplement can help hasten the effects of some of the foods you eat to lower uric acid. You could take it to avoid inflammation on the joints, too.


The kidneys are considered to be among the most important organs of the human body. It is the only part of the body that significantly helps in getting rid of harmful toxins and waste matters. In addition to that, the kidneys likewise play a very vital role in the regulation of blood pressure. The kidneys are also the sources of a certain component, called erythropoietin, which is responsible for the production of red blood cells for the whole body. It may not have the same importance as the vital organs of the body like heart, lungs, and brain, which may cause a fatality if damaged, but deteriorated kidneys can also be fatal.

Once the kidneys are damaged, it cannot be repaired and complications will start to affect other vital organs and functions of the human body. There will be nothing to filter those toxins, leaving these contaminants being carried by the blood to all parts of the body and in a damaging number. From then on, a person with a damaged pair of kidneys would rely on dialysis, which a mechanical means to get rid of toxins, through his lifetime.

There are lots of causes behind damaged kidneys, such as direct injury to the organ as well as underlying chronic medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes mellitus. An unhealthy lifestyle can also cause damage eventually just like how the ingestion of polluted and dangerous chemicals can cause such damage.

If you think you are putting yourself at risk of damaging your kidneys or if you are unfortunately suffering from any of the medical conditions that can destroy the kidneys, n the long run, there is no need to worry too much. There are kidney health supplements available in the market nowadays and they would not be difficult to find because there are hundreds or even thousands of them. What can be challenging is finding the best supplement for the kidney.

There are certain elements and nutrients that can help keep the kidneys healthy and most of them can actually be found all around us, such as the food we eat and even the rays of the sun. However, there is no single meal or any other source that contains all the essential components to ensure the health of the kidneys. One of the highly recommended solutions for this is to get a kidney health supplement online that contains all, or at least most, of the necessary components for a healthier kidney.

The best supplements for kidneys are the ones that contain ingredients that contribute to keep the kidneys at its best condition possible. One of these is vitamin C that generally supports the kidneys with its functions and help deal with kidney stones. It can be immediately obtained from fruits but it should be present in a kidney health supplement. Certain B vitamins, specifically vitamin B6 is also effective in the prevention of kidney stones. For more details on the ingredients of highly recommended kidney health supplement, you can browse the internet and learn more.